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we are coming up on 5:01 on this wednesday morning. two men and a woman are injured and arrested after a car theft triggered a crazy police chase through contra costa county that endangered people in two cities. amy hollyfield is live in front -- where it ended in a crash. >> reporter: look at this tree. this is about all that kept that car from going straight into that i-hop last night. it ended at this restaurant. it also started at a restaurant two people were assaulted outside a restaurant in antioch by a man and woman and their car was stolen. then it ended after a high speed chase with a crash into the tree outside this i-hop at east leland road in pittsburg. police arrested a man they say he has an extensive criminal
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history. they believe he was involved in the carjacking. there were two others in the car with him, they don't believe they were involved in the carjacking. police are still looking for the who they think was involved in stealing that car. the two people who were assaulted outside the restaurant and had their car stolen they were injured, but not life-threatening injuries police say they are expected to be okay. quick recap for you, one person arrested. one woman they believe still on the run. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:02. today president obama and mitt romney are back on the cam taken trail with less than three weeks until election -- day last night the two faced-off at hofstra it in -- hofstra university in new york. t.j. winick will have a live report. this morning major blow to oracle's sailing team, 72 foot
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catamaran capsized on san francisco bay yesterday. sky 7 hd captured these images of the boat after it flipped near the golden gate bridge that is valued at 8 to 10 million dollars, thankfully, nobody was hurt. pieces of the boat were towed back to the pier overnight where the team is expected to figure out how it is going to be repair. katie marzullo is at the pier now she will have an update in our next half hour. 5:03. celeste say last week's huge fire in san francisco's west -- west portal neighborhood -- investigators believe the fire started in a build tag that contained a wine shop and orthodontics office. the flames spread to the squat and gobble cafe and two other buildings. the cause of that fire remains
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under investigation i am officials say it does not appear to be us is --. officials say it does not appear to be suspicious. mother accused of abandoning her daughter says it was a misunderstanding. in an interview 38-year-old woman denies ditching her 10-year-old she said she let her daughter at the safeway with her boyfriend while she went to a park with her 5-year-old she said he drove off and left the girl behind. she claims to have broken up with her boyfriend over the incident. northern californians remembering this day in 1989 as the day that shook the bay. today is the 23rd anniversary of the earthquake that hit after 5 p.m., rocking the world series between the giants and the a's itch the span of the bay bridge buckled, the 880 freeway flattened and marina district caught fire it was 6.9 tremor that caused 63 deaths, more than 3700 injuries and left thousands of
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bay area residents hopeless. to commemorate the event the san francisco department of emergency management is promoting tomorrow's great california shakeout, annual earthquake preparedness day. schools will have demonstrations of the drop, cover and hold techniques during a quake. no injuries or damage reported this morning from a moderate quake that rattled new england.fvç the 4.0 quake was centered in maine 20 miles west of portland, maine felt as far away as boston. the candidates are back on the road in virginia, ohio and iowa. president obama and mitt romney are hot off their debate last night with less than three weeks until election day final debate next monday night. t.j. winick joins us live. >> reporter: good morning many many on both sides are calling this a great debate. the stakes could not have been
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higher that was clear from the get go. 45 seconds into his first answer the president went after his opponent. >> the president: governor romney said we should let detroit go bankrupt. >> reporter: romney pushed back. >> the president took -- when you say that i wanted to take the auto industry bankrupt you actually did. >> reporter: that's the way it was much of the night. >> have you looked at your pension? mr. president have you looked at your pension? >> the president: i don't look at my pension, it is not as big as yours. >> reporter: the republican challenger today president obama that the middle class has been crushed over the past four years. >> what you are seeing is 23 million people struggling to find a job. the president's policies have been exercised over the last four years and they haven't put americans back to work. >> reporter: it took more than an hour for the debate to turn to foreign policy once it did
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they argued about the administration's handling of last month's attack in laboria that killed four americans. >> -- want to make sure we get that for the record the it took the president 14 days before he called the attack an act of terror. >> the president: get the transcript. >> he did in fact sir. let me call it -- >> the president: can you say this louder candy. >> he did call it an act of terror. >> reporter: and the president brought up the 47% comment in his closing statement. >> the president: when he said behind closed doors that 47% of the country considered themselves victims, who refuse personal responsibility. think about who he was talking about. >> reporter: this was the only town hall-style debate next monday in florida exclusively on foreign policy. >> i've seen polls there a consensus about who might have won this debate?
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>> reporter: well, that is tough to say, a couple spot polls overnight not sure how reliable they are, favor the president. certainly it seems like he did what he had to do he was so lackluster in the first debate it appears like he was on his game last night and certainly attacked romney often and early. the romney campaign is saying once the fact checkers have their say, that they believe they will be declared the winner. >> certainly seems like the president came out better this time around. t.j., thank you. the third and final debate next monday in florida. that debate starts at 6 p.m.. you can watch it live on abc7. time for a check on the weather. we would like to find out what is going on in st. louis for the game later today. >> giants game thunderstorms here it is beautiful, should be playing here. right. 9:00, 10:00 there in st. louis
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they should be looking at thorpes that will last through the early afternoon. winds going to pick up, 15 to 20 miles an hour, three, four hour time period in the morning with rough weather. 50s here the spread 15° from mid 50s half moon bay to 70 up towards fairfield right now, 66 antioch, as you head out cooler than yesterday, skies are clear, winds light, 12° dip this morning at half moon bay from where you were yesterday at this hour. mid 50s to upper 60s this afternoon, we'll climb into the 70s at our coast warming to low 90s inland by the afternoon still mild with temperatures dropping slowly so the evening hours, 70s and 60s and we will be looking at a repeat performance tomorrow cool-down with the wind shift more of a sea breeze, heads our way friday. looking at traffic hopefully quieter than yesterday. not so bad, couple areas
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of concern. right now 87 northbound past hp pavillion in san jose at the limit, no delays. east shore commute light past golden gate fields in through berkeley and emeryville into the macarthur maze and bay bridge light, no problems so far. west 580 el charro reports of big rig on the right shoulder with tire on fire so far not slowing things as you head towards the dublin pleasanton area westbound 580 north vasco road stall blocking one of the lanes there. napa valley earlier accident had ramp blocked, now open north 29 to 221 you can get through. you will find roadwork northbound and southbound through southern marin from san rafael south towards the golden gate bridge and northbound through cortamadera as well. 5:10. surprise decision in u.s. terror case. why an appeals court says prosecutors went overboard.
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now you see it, now you don't. daring art heist that may be worth nothing at all. we get four, five a day. >> those pesky robo calls. who is responsible, coming up. high end holiday catalogue teams up with a nationwide
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wednesday important from our roof camera clear 58° downtown across the bay also 58 in oakland, 62 in san jose. we'll see nothing but sun today and offshore winds will warm is up -- warm us up quickly. lance armstrong has just announced that he will be stepping down as chairman of his live strong cancer-fighting charity. he makes this announcement following last week's u.s. anti-doping agency report detailing his widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs on his way to seven titles, 11 of his former teammates testified against him. he says he's leaving the position to limit damage from the ongoing scandal. armstrong's foundation was founded in 1997 to raise money to support cancer patients. armstrong himself a cancer survivor. federal appeals court has thrown out conviction of
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bin laden's former driver. served a prison sentence after he was found guilty of providing support for terrorism in a 3-0 ruling the court said the charge was not an international law war crime. he was given 5 1/2 years and credit for time served he has returned to yemen where he's working as a cab driver. this week a military tribunal is underway for five other defendants in the september 11th, attacks. hunt on across europe for people behind an art heist. sometime early yesterday morning thieves made off with paintings. the passengers are worth tens of millions or more. authorities say it -- it was expertly planned. the director says the security system is state-of-the-art. the paintings were part of a private collection on display for the first time. if you are still getting unwanted robo calls you are
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not alone the government says there's been a huge spike in complaints about the calls. ftc received more than 200,000 complains in september alone up 33% compared to last october. most robo calling is illegal under federal law. the government is holding a summit tomorrow to deal with the problem. major airlines raising fares for the seventh time this year. over the south carolina southwest bumped up by $10 per round trip, other airlines matched those rates. airfares have gone up and down this year depending on the market analysts believe in increase will stick. how warm is it going to be today? really warm 8 to 10° above average we don't have a red flag warning westside of delta, they do. gusty wind there is, back home
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clear and calm winds now the temperatures have cooled off significantly cooler than yesterday morning, doppler nice and quiet. not picking up anything in the way of moisture in fact, with breezy winds at the higher elevations that will be stripping the humidity and we will dry out the atmosphere today. 66 in antioch, 70 in fairfield. it has been warm there and the upper elevations 15 to 20 mile hour breeze around mount diablo now. mid 50s half moon bay, 58 in the city as well as oakland, outside we are looking at cool numbers, grab the jacket. by mid-morning rapid warm-up. we'll tack about temperatures warming through the 60s around the -- we'll talk about temperatures warming through the 60s around the bay afternoon 70s at our coast, cooler pattern friday return to onshore push, nothing but clear conditions. storm system to the north has
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moved east that has allowed for high pressure double barrel high pressure at surface to build in perfect set-up for the offshore flow. the winds won't be too gusty, still numbers are going to soar 85 sunnyvale, 88 in saratoga, coast, 72 pacifica, 85 redwood city, 78 downtown south city, 77, 90 for santa rosa, 87 vallejo, look at all the 80s from the east bay berkeley 80, 86 fremont, inland lower 90s, warm day in antioch, 89 dublin monterey bay 89 in santa cruz, 90 hollister. another one like that tomorrow. temperatures near 80 downtown tomorrow, then we are going to cool it back quickly friday highs mid 80s, saturday not much change, it is sunday when we see temperatures struggling to make it into the mid 70s by
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monday shower chance tuesday, rain likely tomorrow abc 7 will give away $49,000 the winner will be announced after the game right here tomorrow, you still have time to enter through our facebook page, and click the win $49,000 button. i can believe it is tomorrow! >> what >> -- san mateo bridge facing westbound tail lights towards the highrise towards foster city everything at the limit, san mateo bridge full closure this weekend and next for seismic retrofiting you will not be able to use the san mateo bridge, dumbarton to the south, bay bridge to the north and caltrain, bart would be a good route around all that. if you are headed to the bay bridge now, traffic moving nicely no problems, golden gate looking good too
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upper deck to treasure island not bad, west 580 big rig off to the right tire on fire not slowing things westbound at he will char row still a good -- el charro, still a good ride. 5:20. unusual collaboration between a high end retailer and bargain bran chain. neiman marcus teaming up with target to create holiday gift catalogue to suit every budget. 24 designers creating 50 s. editor says it promises affordable luxury. >> -- neiman marcus is saying we want all kinds of shoppers making it about fashion, design, y things that you can afford. >> catalogue items are secret for now the book comes out december 1st.
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>> extreme green a bike made out of cardboard works could change transportation as we know. fancy footwork of another star comes to an end on "dancing with the stars." y." i'm paula faris.
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good morning clear conditions, calm winds temperatures in the 50s in morning. cooler start, much warmer finish. offshore flow, breezy winds in higher elevations and we are going to keep it dry and hot through tomorrow. 5:24. israeli inventor has come up with a unique lightweight bike. the best part it costs less than $20. the catch is it is made out of cardboard. he says his bike is as strong as steel. he came up with the idea after somebody made a boat out of cardboard, he thought why not a bike. he began cutting up boxes and folding them into bike parts from wheels to the seat are made of cardboard. he believes his invention can change the world, especially if third world countries. hopes to be able to put his bike into production within a few months. voters have spoken, palin is out on "dancing with the
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stars" results sent bristol palin back to alaska. she and her partner had the second lowest to -- she declined, first time, someone has declined to talk to reporters after getting the boot. >> i think it is a lot now. bristol has never been eliminated. we did the best we could. we went out on a routine where the judge said it was the best so far. >> eight couples go back live next monday at 8 p.m.. america's cup yacht capsizes. next, we are live with the struggle to recover the multi-million dollar vessel. opposition grows to the man picked to mediate a deal over the san bruno pipeline disaster. the question of the day for the giants, we'll tell you
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if scutaro will be able to play in st. louis. good morning. warm-up today with temperatures in the 70s at our coast to low 90s inland, offshore flow headed our way thunderstorms in the nation's mid section that includes st. louis by 10:00 there time to early afternoon. we are looking at wet weather and windy weather north through minneapolis they had a wind storm overnight in denver. right now no airport delays in the northeast, st. louis could be an issue later. back home we don't have clouds to speak of. gusty winds by the delta detailed look at your forecast coming up.
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nice day. i bet a lot of people will play hooky to watch the game not suggesting it, just predicting it. i'm kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. right now team oracle is assessing damage after catamaran flipped yesterday. >> reporter: i just talked with the spokeswoman for the team she was able to confirm that the wreck of the yacht was towed back to pier 80 overnight. while you look at this video from sky 7 hd of that wreckage i can give you more details from what she told me. she says the wing which is the fixed sail, the vertical sail that goes up from the catamaran the wing is in pieces and right now the crew is assessing damage done. the 8 to 10 million dollars
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catamaran flipped during practice near the golden gate bridge yesterday afternoon around 3:00. here's the team's techtician describesing what it was like. >> scar pretty much -- scary, i was lucky i was able to hold on and we made our way down. >> reporter: none of the 13 crew members were hurt, good news. the moment was captured on home video you see here. it is 72 feet long, twice as long as boats they were sailing in the world series of america's cup. also stronger, faster and harder to control. some call it a monster to sail. it certainly got the better of the crew yesterday. the crew now facing ma -- major setback. katie marzullo, abc7 news. oakland police looking for
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whoever who has been posting fliers downtown calling for violence against occupy oakland protesters next week. telling residents to bring bats to the occupy anniversary event in order to beat up vandals. unknown group called dead our oakland movement claims responsibility for the flier. police are still investigating who put out those fliers. federal court monitor says the oakland police department is losing ground in its reform effort. report released this week says the department has failed to properly document force used by officers and to investigate misconduct. it says opd has a stubborn resistance to compliance. both president obama and mitt romney are back on the cam taken trail following last night's debate.
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mr. obama will be in iowa and ohio. romney travels to virginia. cnn poll finds registered voters believe the president won last night by seven points. 46-39%. president obama and mitt romney sparred over everything from libya to jobs. mr. obama appeared more expressive in this second debate. both taking shots at one another. >> we have not made the progress we need to make to put people back to work that's why i have a five pint plan that gets americans 12 million -- new jobs in four years itch >> the president: governor romney doesn't have a five point plan he has a one point plan that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules. >> the showdown was the only town hall style debate election day less than three weeks away. the third and final presidential debate next monday in florida. the focus will be on foreign policy. the debate starts at 6 p.m.
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and you can watch it live here it 5:33. in a few hours a coalition of cities and watchdog groups will file a formal letter of protest against what they are calling a backroom deal in the settlement over the san bruno explosion. monday public utilities commission appointed former senator mitchell to settle. groups say the puc chose mitchell without input or consent from anyone involved except pg&e. this morning amtrak investigating another collision between train and vehicle in the central valley. it happened after 8:00 last night as the train left the platform in ma dare . people in the vehicle -- in ma dare . people in the vehicle managed to get it. no word on how the accident happened the same thing happen
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last friday. this morning investigators trying to determine if a plane found near half moon bay is the same plane that disappeared monday night park ranger found the wreck on a bluff 4 yards from half moon bay airport the plane and body inside were burned so badly investigators are having a hard time confirming their identity. missing plane took off from half moon bay airport monday evening it never arrived at its intended destination in arizona. san francisco police on the lookout for a vandal who damaged more than two dozen vehicles they released this sketch police believe in man has scratched or broken the windows of 30 cars. it started in august in the mission and delores heights neighborhood. giants fans, good news. looks like second baseman scutaro will be able to play this afternoon. yesterday scutaro had -- took springs and batting practice after the team got to
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st. louis. monday scutaro was taken out by matt holliday on a late slide into second. scutaro suffered strained left hip and sore left knee. first pitch today 1:07 p.m. our time. may have to contend with rain there. right the game starts 1 p.m. our time lisa you are looking at the window for thunderstorms. the rain just about to hit st. louis right now. it will last for the next several hours. it is a cold front that has brought big time wind to the upper midwest and mountains. back home we have no wind to speak of. in fact, the winds are veering offshore, already a 15 to 20 mile an hour breeze in the higher elevations about 1,000 feet. right now 55 to 70, numbers are cooler than yesterday morning stepping out you need jacket, 52 san jose.
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i wanted to show you the winds right now calm, slight east wind here, at higher elevations a bit of a breeze head out further towards the delta where the red flag warning is they are expecting gusty northeast winds back home, breezy, atmosphere will dry out with these temperatures this morning 50s and 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s by the afternoon, mid and upper 70s at our beaches. by the evening still holding on to that warmth with 70s around the bay. upper 70s and still the 60s at the beaches. the changes day-to-day, very little today to tomorrow, friday the sea breeze kicks in, back to the 70s and 80s around the bay, more comfortable 60s at our beaches, enjoy it, you have to dig out that umbrella soon. san mateo bridge facing westbound tail lights towards the highrise towards the peninsula, reminder, for the next two weekends in bridge
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will be shutdown, closure for seismic retrofiting beginning friday night 10 p.m., roping monday morning 5 a.m.. take -- reopening monday morning 5 a.m.. best alternates to the south dumbarton and bay bridge to the north this is san rafael southbound past lucas valley road into central san rafael at the limit farther north ramp from west 37 to 101 reoned from roadwork overnight. southbound -- roped from roadwork overnight. a little slowing towards livermore, 16 minute drive into the dublin pleasanton area. north vasco road earlier stall cleared out of lanes. north 29 accident car in bushes and glass on the road. 5:38. a thief makes off with a 10 week old puppy. where it happened and why she needs to be found soon.
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state opens investigation into popular pharmacy chain. what it is accused of doing. >> in the wake of huge refinery fire demand one city leader is making of chevron to help the community.
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good wednesday morning. no fog at the golden gate bridge mid 50s, upper 50s downtown and across the bay san jose 52. state pharmacy regulators looking into accusations that the cvs chain refilled prescriptions and build insurance companies without consent of patients. this follows complaints from consume accuse the company of enrolling them in an automatic refill service without their knowledge. california joins two other agencies looking into the claims. cvs says it is policy to get direct approval from customers before they are enrolled in the service. the city of richmond may seek compensation from chevron for damage from the refinery fire in august. the council is considering a resolution urging the oil giant to come up with a community compensation package. the fire sent more nan 15,000
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to the hospital complain -- sent more than 15,000 to the hospital complaining of respiratory problems. reward offered this morning in san francisco for a stolen puppy. take a look at violet the spca says this 10 week older -mix disappeared yesterday. workers are -- old terrier-mix disappeared yesterday. there's a $500 reward. in cupertino animal rescue operation using online service to place hopeless pets. the rescue is using pet to match people with pets. the website gives results based on proximity. the site claims 20 million adoptions since it started. thousands may learn an economics lesson the hard way.
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bloomberg report next. >> u.s. diplomat killed in libya honored in san francisco, the apology offered by a top libyan official. >> s did begin testing -- doctors begin testing workers at yosemite.
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elevated fire act cross much of the state today red flag warning confined to the delta and the breezy winds in higher elevations this warm weather creating fatigue, dehydration, down to los angeles, 95° along the coast, 84 our relative humidity in our east bay valleys should drop between 15 and 20% temperatures coming up today a look at your neighborhood forecast, coming up. we have an update on new information we brought in our last half hour. nike terminating relationship with former cycling champ lance armstrong over widespread doping allegations revealed last week. the company says: due to the seemingly ensure able evidence that lance armstrong participated in doping and misled nike more than a decade it is with great
5:48 am
sadness we've terminated our contract with him. >> armstrong said he would step down as chairman of his live strong cancer-fighting charity to limit damage from the report. finding released from a finding last week detailing his widespread use of performance-enhancing drugs. hundreds gathered yesterday to remember the late u.s. ambassador to libya who was killed last month during a violent uprising outside the consulate. christopher stevens grew up in piedmont. friends, family and political dignataries held a somber memorial at sflt if -- at san francisco city hall among the speakers libyan ambassador to the u.s. who said stevens stood with the libyan people during their revolution against qadhafi. >> we again sorry we cannot protect this diplomat who came to help us in a critical time. >> stevens' family has
5:49 am
established a fund to promote improved relations between the u.s. and mideast in honor of the late u.s. dip >> with more americans using e-mail and paying bills online the u.s. oftenal service is in deep financial trouble. for the first time ever the agency hit 15 billion dollar borrowing limit, reached last month it will have to operate the rest of the year on the sale of stamps and other postal supplies. independent government agency, the postal service is not funded by tax dollars. officials are asking for new legislation to help them out. fast moving hurricane has crosshairs on island of bermuda this morning. satellite radar image shows hurricane rafael swirling off the shores overnight it delivered gusty winds and pelting rain. it became category 1 yesterday with winds reported at 85 miles an hour hurricane is expected to weaken the next couple of days as it heads further out in the atlantic.
5:50 am
we want to take a closer look at midwest specifically st. louis because of the giants game in afternoon. there's a good chance of thunderstorms and breezy winds, the rain just beginning there now in st. louis there's a three, four hour wind where they will see rain and breezy winds. it will be interesting as somebody said, don't skip work, maybe. it could be delayed. as we head out now, what a contrast, dry, warm weather, and the offshore flow underway although the winds are light, it is cool, chilly start cooler than yesterday morning. temperatures upper 50s downtown live doppler 7 hd nice and clear today, tomorrow. we'll be watching for development of rain coming our way by monday pretty good storm system perhaps tuesday first things first, 59 in fremont now, 58 in the city,
5:51 am
55 in the north bay with four degrees of cooling in san , chilly at 52, no change in -- napa, winds are calm, out of east and light now in oakland, higher elevations above 1,000 feet already breezy up to 15 miles an hour. once we get breezy winds that continues to dry things out allowing for a rapid warm-up today, hot weather inland pretty warm to mild at our beaches, cooler pattern sets over the weekend, coolest day out of weekend looks to be sunday. as the storm system passes to the north of us it allowed high pressure to build behind that it warms everything from inland valleys another five degrees to our beaches, 87 campbell, 84 menlo park. sea breeze cut off, 78 downtown you will feel warm north winds today up in the north bay 87 vallejo, 83
5:52 am
san leandro. 86 in castro valley. 90 danville, 91 walnut creek. monterey bay keeps getting warmer santa cruz 89 there, 88 gilroy. repeat performance tomorrow. friday a good 10° cooler. saturday will hold it there. sunday another five to seven december of cooling, rain monday first significant rainmaker by -- tuesday. sounds like a great day for 9ers football tomorrow following traffic around candlestick park tomorrow afternoon. right now in company if you are headed westbound on 80 towards the macarthur maze starting to bunch up, no major delays once you get to the toll minor delays for cash paying folks metering lights off. those probably will be turned on after 6:00 this morning. drive starting to slow out of the central valley westbound 580 at eden canyon first reports of a stall. things pick up westbound
5:53 am
towards the dublin pleasanton area, 20 minutes from the altamont pass. accident in napa north 29 out of lanes, there's debris in lanes glass and metal from the accident. slowing out of antioch towards pittsburg under 20 minutes to the dublin-pleasanton area. all mass transit on time, with the bay bridge pardon me san mateo bridge closure this weekend you want to take your waze app to find and navigate your way around that jam, 92 not available on the san mateo bridge in weekend. >> a little more about the 49ers. san francisco is a finalist who host super bowl in 2016 or 2017. the pitch is to play the game at the new 9er stadium. nfl owners will award the game to either san francisco or south florida. owners will pick the host
5:54 am
cities next may. abc 7 will carry the game against seattle live tomorrow night at 4:00 we'll have an hour long pregame show featuring jerry rice and brent jones. game time 5:00. the 9ers host seahawks followed by special edition of after the game where we will give away $49,000 to someone who likes us on our facebook page. if you haven't done it yet, you can still sign up. students at a for profit college are about to learn a tough lesson. >> here's jane king. good morning. cutbacks at the nation's largest for profit college chain university of phoenix closing 25 campuses, 90 smaller centers and cutting 800 jobs after a drop in enrollment. meantime, read between the lines if you get offers of financial aid with college
5:55 am
acceptance letters a public interest group says schools lump grands and loans together meaning your aid may be mostly loans that you might not qualify for. wrinkle in avo in's plans, told to stop -- avon's plans told to stop claiming products fortify tissue that makes the products dugs that need to be tested first. -- big gains yesterday thanks to bigger than expected jumps in industrial production and corporate profits. apple sending out invitation force special event next tuesday expected to unveil smaller version of ipad tablet starting around $300. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. governor brown will wait until next year before convening state legislature to tackle health care reform. brown wanted to call special
5:56 am
session on the issue in december but doing so would have required lawmakers to make special trips to sacramento at an added expense to taxpayers. the legislature is in session that month lawmakers don't meet until the new year. the governor wants a health care exchange by 2014. state health officials testing blood from 300 yosemite park employees to understand more about a deadly virus the hantavirus carried by deer mice killed three park visitors and sickened sixth summer despite living and working in the same environment, no park employees have been affected. this was the most concentrated outbreak of the disease recorded since it was detected two decades ago. next, wild night in the east bay. we are live with the violent chain of events that included a carjacking, high speed pursuit and a crash. gloves come off on
5:57 am
long island. live to the site of last night's presidential debate for a look at the feisty exchanges between president obama and mitt romney. target wants your business. so does neiman marcus what are they doing for you, the customer just in time for the holidays.
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